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Pokelegends Bot

A Pokemon Bot

What is Pokelegends?

Pokelegends is a Pokemon bot developed by AshKetchum
and helped by MewKirby.
This bot let's you catch Pokemons and evolve them within your discord!
And if you want, You can battle with them on Pokemon Showdown1

Why Pokelegends?

Pokelegends isn't that much cool like Pokecord but hey!
Mr.Stark it's awesome..
This is easy than Pokecord.
This bot is fully up to date and is
updated on a regular basis.

What are we suppose to see in future?

Trading credits is available.
In the next update, you are suppose to see Trading pokemons!

I need to contact you!

You can contact us through our Discord Server or you can visit our Website

I've heard donations for this bot is free!

Yes it is! we accept donations through adf.ly means, Donation only takes 5 seconds of you! So Donate now!

I have found a bug!

Oh realy? Then just DM me on Discord fast!
If this bug wasn't found from anyone else before and
you report it, You can get a chance to win any pokemon
you want!


Pokemon Commands

a!start => Start your Pokémon adventure! 
a!pokemon => Shows your Pokémons! 
a!spawn => Spawn a Pokémon! 
a!evolve <Pokemon Name> <Pokemon after Evolution>* => Evolves your Pokémon! 
a!release <Pokemon Name> => Release your Pokémon! 
a!info <Pokemon Name> => Shows Pokedex information of your Pokémon! 
a!evolution <Pokemon Name> => Shows the Evolution line of a Pokémon (BETA)
Economy Commands

a!bal => Shows your balance! 
a!give <Mention User> <Amount> => Give someone credits! 
a!daily => Get your daily credits!
Other Commands

a!ping => Pong! 
a!vote => Vote the bot! 
a!donate => Donate the bot (Free or Paid!)

How can i battle?

Yeah this is one of the big questions, The thing is, You can battle from a website, The link of website is given in premier version which is only in official server! So join official server and type a?battle!

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First published: Sunday, 20 January 2019

Last modified: Tuesday, 5 February 2019

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