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Has in-app purchases Contains adverts and features locked behind other services

If you also want to use the RainbowBot for your server, you can do it now. More features will be added gradually. Also an english language version (adjustable) will be added soon) How do I get the bot? click the following link: https://rainbowbot.de/invite Free Commands examples

  • Roles / User / Server Info
  • Assign role / Copy
  • QRCode Scanner (qr attached)
  • QR generator
  • Create Server Command (creates a server example with default roles // permissions for roles / channels // channels
  • Prefix customizable
  • bugreport / suggestion Command sends us a message with an attachment should be amgeh√§nht
  • makes temporary voice channels possible so that your server remains clear (sets a lobby and creates a channel at join)
  • Custom Embed function / Survey command
  • many more Fun Commands, to see on the help page :)
  • Server - Crosschat channel
  • Currency system with customizable currency
  • CustomCMD Command (create up to 5 (Premium 25) commands with customizable message the bot outputs)

AND MUCH MORE + what the future holds.

Premium Features:

  • alias command (change nickname)
  • On-hold music for your support channel + customizable notification option if someone joins the channel.
  • Customizable Join / Leave messages / JoinDM
  • Bundesliga Command (displays the most recent scores)
  • YT Upload Content notification
  • Newsfeed (sends new Spiegel Online articles in a customizable channel)
  • Switch individual commands on / off
  • Virus scanner (checks sent URLs and .exe files)
  • Roles selection menu
  • KI Command ... (talk to a real AI)
  • Yt-Vid to GIF Command

  • more on the help page

  • ... and more features are coming!

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First published: Monday, 28 January 2019

Last modified: Saturday, 2 February 2019

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