Moosic Boat

Moosic Boat

Prefix m!

Installed in 13 servers

Playing Music

Moosic Boat has the ability to play from radio stations hand picked and favored by our users and developers.

m!help - Gives an introduction on what the bot serves as and some information as to what to do.

m!commands - Lists all the commands associated with the bot.

m!current - Displays the current song.

m!leave - Leaves the voice channel that is playing music.

m!ping - Pings from the bot to the Discord API.

m!stations - Lists all the stations that are available to choose from.

m!stats - Displays stats from the bot.

m!tune - Tunes into a station.

m!volume - Turns up the volume for the voice channel.

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Offered By: Luca#1234

First published: Saturday, 5 January 2019

Last modified: Saturday, 5 January 2019

Category: Music