Prefix g! Customisable


Command Function
play (Song) Plays a specific song
playtop (Song) Adds a specific song to the top of the queue
playskip (Song) Adds a specific song to the top of the queue and skips to him
pause Pauses the bot
resume Resumes the bot
loop Loops the current song
loopqueue Loops the current queue
shuffle Activates the shuffle for the current queue
np Shows information about the current song
queue Shows the current queue
skip [position] Skips the current song
seek (hh:mm:ss) Seeks to a specific position in the current song
forward (hh:mm:ss) Forwards by a specific amount in the current song
rewind (hh:mm:ss) Rewind by a specific amount in the current song
restart Restarts the current song
remove (position) Removes a specific song from the queue
join Lets the bot join
leave Lets the bot disconnect
clear Clears the queue
volume (1-100) Sets the volume
leavecleanup Removes all songs from the queue from users that left
removedupes Removes all duplicates of songs
lyrics Shows lyrics about a specific song
ping Are you online Groovy?
settings Shows the current settings and lets you change them
language Shows the current language and lets you change it
reset Resets the guild (settings, queue, etc)
aliases Shows all available aliases!
help Redirects you to here!
donate Shows some information about patreon
info Shows some information about the bot and his author
invite Shows some links!
partner Shows our partners
sponsor Shows our sponsors
support Shows the support message
shard Shows the shard you are on and the total amount
stats Shows the stats

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First published: Sunday, 18 November 2018

Last modified: Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Category: Music