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I. Introducing Homer

Homer is a featureful, easy-to-use and multilingual bot for Discord.
Offering you everything you need for all types of communities, it is a musthave bot for every servers.
Homer was born under the name "iBot" in April 2017 and has known many major upgrades that has made it how it is today.

Check out all my cool features below!

II. General commands

Because we cannot live without: Homer allows you to perform Googleℒ️ searches, get your city's weather, get information about all Discord entities (users, channels, servers, codes, invites, etc) or even translate text in many languages using Googleℒ️ Translate.

III. Custom commands

Also known as "tags", custom commands allows you to create dynamic features. Powered by Lisa, a JagTag fork, you will be able to perform HTTP requests to interact with external services, for example.

IV. Radio

Ever wanted to listen to worldwide radios ? Now you can. With currently more than 20 radios from every styles in every languages, you can listen to a wide range of radio stations in your voice channel with a good audio quality*.

V. Multilingual interface

Homer is currently available in 3 languages: English (UK), French and Portuguese (Brazil). Translations are community-made, so if you want to contribute to the project and translate the bot into your language, feel free to contact me (join the support server).

X. Notes

*: audio quality is 48kbps for normal users and 96kbps for VIP users

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First published: Sunday, 18 November 2018

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