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65 guildsxXBuilderBXx#8265

A brand new modbot full of features and customization. Mod commands, timed mute, hackban, modlogs.

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8 guildscomp500#7396

A discord bot. Serves fresh ZimoNitrome videos.

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8 guildsFireBunny™#3477

A Mulitpurpose Discord with some Moderation and other Features

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31 guilds- ̗̀Hera ̖́-#2719

A simple automated discord bot.

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166 guildsUlti#6500

Comet is a multipurpose Discord bot, with regular updates and amazing features!

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Strodl Bot

2124 guildsheatingdevice#1212

A bot with many features including music bot, cards against humanity, and text based adventures

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1753 guildsAuxim#0001

Protection against spambots and alt accounts.

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Dank Memer

134314 guildsMelmsie#0001

Memes and dreams are one in the same with this bot

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1865 guildsJoe 🎸#7070

A bot designed to balance moderation, fun, and simplicity. But don't bite his shiny metal ass -- trust me on that one.

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185 guildsDeorc#6784

Economy and Currency Bot to fit your needs.

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1663 guildsxXBuilderBXx#8265

Play Hangman in Discord with Singleplayer, Mutiplayer and DM support.

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331 guildsSolace#0209

90+ Commands, memes, utilities, logging, moderation, 24/7 uptime, and fun all wrapped into one nice package.

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339 guildsHaruki N. Grande#6644

Isabel - The humble 12 year old that wants all your attention!

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6810 guildsTom™#0420Waspy#0669

Nekos \o/

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623 guildsPassTheMayo#1281

An extremely light weight bot, with a lot pre-packaged features includes.

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31 guildsduncte123#1245

A discord bot for all your Danny Phantom needs

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68 guilds🍾SmartiePlays🍾#5434

A multi-purpose discord bot built upon discord.js

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649 guildsArtuto🎄#0424

For-fun, for-moderation and for-utility bot

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16 guildsGmDb#3353

🤘 Nsfw, Games Stats, Fun and more commands🤘

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Discord Cards

5367 guildsSnazzah#0371

A discord trading card bot

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668 guildstilda#5621

Bot for the best of the net (use ^help to trigger)

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Video Game Helper

286 guildsPillGP#2767

It's a video game helper, what am I supposed to say?!

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2100 guildsAetheryx#2222

A bot designed for you to elegantly create, edit & be served reminders.

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365 guildsAetheryx#2222

A bot that allows you to interact with Twitter

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1387 guildsLizard#4288

A simple to use bot with moderation, levels, gambling, and much more!

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880370 guildsImBursting#0051

Rythm is a feature-rich, easy to use Discord music bot built to to deliver the best music experience on Discord.

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30 guildsKot#0750

A weeb bot for all your weeb needs and whatnot

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21 guildsA guy named Jens#9977

Small Bot by A guy named Jens#9977

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Discord Services

582 guildsTom™#0420Waspy#0669

Discord Services, Formaly known as the directory, is probably the best server listing bot out there

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177 guilds🍾SmartiePlays🍾#5434

Go past the pin limit with Pinboard!

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Bump !

467 guildsInverted Loris#0640

Want to grow your server? Bump ! is a multifunctional advertising bot that supports your server through extensive partnerships! (☞゚∀゚)☞

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40000 guilds🍕 unbelievable 🍕#6969

Money/Economy/Currency customisable per server | Role Income | Casino Games | Buyable Store Items | Moderation | Fun commands | Reminders

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1024 guildsPizza Fox#0075

A general purpose utility bot, with an economy, games, and lots of other features.

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🍕 unbelievable 🍕#6969

WakaTime interface for Discord

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35 guildsSarpTurker#0005

Administration, Moderation, Searches, Game Server Stats, Player Stats, Music, Games, User Profiles, User Levels, Virtual Currencies, Humor. Kelly Bot, that can do it all. And Bot will even talk with y

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19 guildstheLMGN#1337

Open-source Discord.js with the aim of opening Discord channels to as many APIs as possible.

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280 guildsKromatic#0420

Parallax offers comprehensive moderation tools for your server!

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Hana Song

69 guildsEmily#0247

the glorious gamer from overwatch right in your server!

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73 guildsJackz#7627

A well rounded bot that lets you control your server. Including moderation, fun/games , music, economy, and many more useful utilities.

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106 guildsPassTheMayo#1281

A starboard-only bot made for Discord. Use "s!help" to view a list of commands.

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128 guildsKaydax#8965

Aeiou is a Discord bot that allows you to use the same TTS that Moonbase Alpha uses in Discord!

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23060 guildsmoiph#8688

Primarily a utility bot, and a bit grumpy as he's a 12 year old IRC bot and shows it in some responses. But with age, comes wisdom. Maybe.

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2628 guildsKaydax#8965

Vertbot, the bot with almost no lag music playback, without the dumb limits.

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305 guildsAnnaFire88#8038

HubBot is a multipurpose, admin and entertainment bot.

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3411 guildsNapster#0001

A Discord bot for Mafia / Werewolf and similar games

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11711 guildsPikaDude#0001

PikaGirl is a fun bot with various features such as cleverbot, a built in economy, NSFW commands, GIF searching, and a whole lot more!

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3032 guildsSnazzah#0371

Manage Trello Boards right from your Discord!

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124 guildsTheChieknAdmin#0737

A Multi-function Discord Bot.

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1834 guildsDoh#0002

Moderation, Music and Fun bot. Has many features such as a dog, joke, cat and a cool meme generator!

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1315 guildsEndenDragon#1337

Embed your Discord server on your website! Improve your Discord widgets by being able to chat as a guest or with your Discord account.

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4880 guildsfn3280#1150

A fun foxgirl bot with over 100 commands

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Radio Haru

296 guildsHaruki N. Grande#6644

Radio Haru - Discord Radio Station

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ToR Genius

5 guildsperryprog#9657

Bot for the ToR Discord. Provides over unrelated, helpful, utilities.

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135460 guildsKromatic#0420Yvan#5087AlexFlipnote#0001

A kawaii Discord bot that makes your server more fun!

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391 guildsknate3#9781

Phantom has tons of fun commands and more to come! Phantom is a awesome fun bot that is sure to make you server more fun!

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Croissant Bot

1 guildsWilliam#0660


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496 guildsDavid Slutsky#0877

a Self-assign Roles , AutoRoles , Moderation , Task Planner, Advertise Block, Protection & Multi-Purpose Bot That Easy To Use & Support.

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7 guildsSnazzah#0371

A Discord bot that utilizes natural language processing for commands

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1200 guildsMrSheldon#0001

Luki is an easy-to-use bot with commands that can be used for fun, moderation, games, and more!

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22094 guildsamy ❥#9842

Internet radio, YouTube/etc music, Mee6-compatible chat levels, and more. Previous Next 1

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bae the porn queenie

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1841 guildsKashall#0002

Sistine, one of many Discord Bots, but only one that provides Simple, Fun, and Quality commands all in one bot.

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Curly Brace

660 guildsErlite#2215

A work in progress bot, with the Overseer system, still working on it, should have ban and kick.

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1309 guildsiDerp#3616

New Fortnite User Status Command!

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726 guildsWolke#0001

Live up your community with awesome features

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dabBot Music Bot

220000 guildsspong#3338

A high quality Discord Music Bot providing music from YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, Radio Stations, Discord.FM and much more!

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25 guildsCarrier[incl]?#2799

Some commands working on it in spare time.

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Yui Hirasawa

28 guildsohlookitsderpy#7559August 🌸#0420

Yui is a cute discord bot made in the Eris library. uwu~!

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24500 guildsKromatic#0420

(Prefix: $) JukeBot offers fast, high quality and stable audio playback, with extensive coverage of well-known audio sources such as YouTube, SoundCloud etc

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47515 guildsthewsomeguy#0001

Simple to use multi-purpose Discord bot - music, moderation, fun and more!

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10 guildscomp500#73967coil#3175

An example bot from DiscordBlocks, the Block Based programming language.

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165 guildsadvaith#9121

A Discord bot featuring custom embeds, moderation, music, and more, with custom commands coming soon!

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The Hammer


The Hammer is the only good moderation bot

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329 guildsThe Double-Eyed Bus#6889

DiscordTel is a realistic telephone bot that lets you call other servers! Features include roleplay numbers, bills & global emotes!

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2789 guildsduncte123#1245

A chat bot with mod and music commands (plays from spotify)

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4245 guildsNatan#1337

Atalanta is a free and stable discord bot

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7384 guildsdex#0001

The best NSFW Bot for fetching Hentai, YIFF ,Boobs, Ass, Pussy, Asian and many more pictures.

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96311 guildsKodehawa#3457

Customizable music and fun bot with games, currency, and a lot to offer!

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8548 guildsKoyamie#5149

Powerful multi-languages configurable bot.

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25 guildsDeStilleGast#5179

Simple and small bot that keeps expanding

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410 guildsTetrabyte#4866

Tetranite, the only bot you need for your Discord Server!

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39 guildsRevtual#5697

A multipurpose bot for Discord!

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3449 guildsTom™#0420Waspy#0669

Fur? whats fur? Oh, thats furry? meet sheri, a multifunctional furry bot

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1547 guilds7coil#3175

The Discord to E-Mail Bot, powered by Mailgun

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Arctic Fox

83 guildsKanin#5412

A Multi-Function discord bot with lots of features!

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Iori is a multi-purpose Discord bot for your server.

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364 guildsdeprilula28#3609

Play chat games from your Discord server: TicTacToe, Connect4, Minesweeper and more soon!

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3471 guildsParadoxOrigins#5451

A multi-purpose bot, providing server-management, moderation features... along with a starboard, memes and some weeb commands

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An open source Discord Bot to use a lot of random API's

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6006 guildsxXBuilderBXx#8265

A Minecraft bot for Discord with lots of commands such as player skins/minime, name history, mojang status, server ping, quiz.

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154 guildsMrLar 🌺#0611

Custom Commands, Starboard, Detailed Server Logs, Moderation and much more in one simple bot.

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195 guildsWill#0929

: Liam is an all in one Discord bump bot that is owned and operated by Advertise Your Server. The bot uses Discord.js to bump your server to a specific channel in AYS. Advertise your Server has over 1

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1088 guildsCyberRonin#5517

Primary purpose is to serve as a Jisho, kanji & anime lookup, but there are fun commands as well. Has a web portal to enable/disable commands and edit the prefix.

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996 guildszBlake#0007

A multi-purpose bot that includes features such as experience tracking, music & playlists, moderation, server management, lots of customisation of settings and much more!

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8655 guildsjakeoid#6284

An everything Discord bot.

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Haruhi Suzumiya


Haruhi Suzumiya is a fast music bot that is easy to use.

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60932 guildsMackan#7196

Fun boiled to the basics!

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2059 guildsMrLar 🌺#0611

Shuvi is a bot heavily focusing on moderation and information with some fun features.

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575 guildsHazed SPaCE✘#2574

Zira is a Discord bot that allows users to give themselves roles by reacting on a message with an emoji/emote.

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1112 guildsxXBuilderBXx#8265

A bot for gamers and internet peeps with game stat commands and other usefull features.

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4605 guildsSenither#0001

A high quality Music bot, with moderation, interaction, search, administration commands, highly customizable and much more!

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606 guildsYvan#5087

A bot that does everything (now with sushi)

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48 guildsJus De Patate#0190

Multiple usage open-source bot made by Jus De Patate#0190 (french guy \o/) For the EmoteCord Discord ;)

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322 guildsManinder#5222

A Discord bot with all the Admin, Fun, Utility and Moderation(under maintenance) Tools for your use. Coded with <3 in Python.

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Guess That Number

3229 guildsPassTheMayo#1281

A unique and addicting game in which you have to guess the randomly generated number based on hints. Use "g!help" to view a list of commands.

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225 guildsRxsto#4224

The musicBot is one of the best Discord music bots, with high quality streaming and modern UI. You can play every music you want!

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27878 guildsSteven#6340

Konata is a multi-lang Discord Bot to help and entertain your server with lots of commands, games and stable music feature!

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180 guildsDoh#0002

Discord bot for gathering Brawlhalla statistics

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Dragon Loli

52 guildsHugop#2950

Discord bot with fun commands and some mod tools.

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2730 guildsDonut#0387

The jam packed discord bot.

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289 guildsxXBuilderBXx#8265

Share your favorite messages, images or memes by other users to earn stars.

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13 guildsBlue Malgeran#3106

A multi-function bot! Auto moderation commands with logs, fun command and more!

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61987 guildsWaspy#0669Tom™#0420

pictures of nature. 🍑

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50 guildsWilliam#0660

yes hello music

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4925 guildsNekoTony#0047

Alice is a turn-based game similar to pokemon made with discord.py. Enjoy!

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162 guildsadvaith#9121

A new multipurpose bot, featuring fun commands such as 8ball and coin flip, moderation commands such as kick and purge, and more.

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Safety Jim

2197 guildsSamoxive#8634

Jim is a hardworking bot who will help you with your moderation needs.

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